Press Release

Taking The Financial Industry By Storm

Introducing TUSK Token

Tusk token is leading the way with AI, blockchain, and web3 technology creating a dynamic ecosystem combining cutting edge research, development, and the use of Royalty Financing.

Unveiling 28th May

Prelaunch of The Golden DAO

Project Overview


Innovative Model That Always Grows Lending Pool

Unique Approach to Liquidity Pool Always Increasing

Decentralized Applications (dApps) Optimization

AI-powered Smart Contracts

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Roadmap and Future Developments

Token Economy and Distribution

Governance and Consensus Mechanism

Scalability and Interoperability

Cutting Edge Financial Project

Tusk will use AI-powered and blockchain technology to develop cutting edge tools with web3 technology such as decentralized applications (dApps), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), specialized smart contracts, etc, to create day trading and swing trading Artificial Intelligence Applications to help guide traders at making more well informed trades based on market conditions.

Then with the 3.69% Tesla Tax on every buy and sell transaction of Tusk Token on the DEX, the proceeds are deposited into the Tusk Token’s Funding Pool Wallet within The Golden DAO automatically on every transaction in real time which h is used as our funding platform that is strategically loaned out to traders with proven credibility based on Tusk Tokens AI-powered automated underwriting, smart contracts, credit scoring and risk assessment, enhanced identity verification, fraud detection, tokenization of assets, real time monitoring and alerts, all of which capitalizes on the advancement of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other web3 technology.

The combined integration is used with the primary goal of always improving customer experience in every aspect of operating the Tusk token from research and development to making decisions governed and voted on by Tusk Token holders within The Golden DAO.

TUSK Tokenomics


Transaction Fees On DEX Transactions

On every buy and sell transaction, there are 2 transaction fees that automatically fund the lending pool and liquidity pool.

3.69% Tesla Buy Tax in BNB form to 888 Lending Pool Wallet + 0.75% Golden Tax in BNB form to Liquidity Pool locked indefinitely.

Token Name:
TUSK Token
Token Symbol:
Binance Smart Chain
Maximum Supply:
TUSK Allocations


The Golden DAO Ecosystem

Every month the token holders decide and vote how to allocate the Royalty Payments collected in the DAO for the best strategy to increase the value of the token.

Tusk Token and The Golden DAO Explained!


Our Roadmap




Foundation And Token Distribution



Community Building And Engagement



Governance Implementation



Soon To Be Announced.