The Golden DAO

The Golden DAO Ecosystem

The Golden DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) members hold governance tokens in the form of TUSKs and vote on key decisions, which are then executed by smart contracts automatically after a decision is made by majority vote.


What Key Decisions Does The DAO?

Unlike traditional banks, fintech lenders leverage digital platforms and data analytics for swift credit assessments, streamlined loan processing, and rapid fund disbursement.

Tusk Token’s Royalty Financing is not lent for equity held in any company through ownership like shares, retained earnings, and dividends.

We invest in exchange for a percentage of future sales revenue. Tusk does not receive equity in any company it invests in, but instead receives a return on our investment through royalties.


The Best Utility Token Of 2024

The Golden DAO’s main responsibility is to vote on proposals in regards to how to allocate all the royalty payments received into the 808 Royalty Financing Payment Wallet. The goal is to use the funds to grow the tokens value, long term sustainability, and ecosystem that can be used for:

* Staking
* Payments
* Governance
* Transaction Fees
* Access to Services
* Discounts or Cashback

This strategy provides great utility and differentiates ourselves from other cryptocurrency, meme coins, and questionable tokens.


Utilization Of Funds From The 808 Wallet

There are different ways and strategies that can determine the use of funds which may or may not be limited to buy back and burns, reflections, additional liquidity funding, or adding additional BNB or Tusk Tokens to any wallet here.

A majority vote will determine how the funds will be disbursed.  Voting power is determined by the amount of tokens a holder has and is done through our dashboard decentralized application (dApp).


Voting And Executing

All funds that are deposited as royalty payments into the 808 Royalty Financing Payment Wallet up to the 15th will be voted on by the members of the DAO on how to best allocate funds with the mission of creating digital gold and wealth for those we care about.

Proposals must be voted on by the 21st of the month and the smart contracts will execute decisions based on the voting on the dashboard found on our website at 12 AM EST on the 28th of each month.